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Workshop On The Conceptualisation Of Digitalisation In Great Lakes Region Of 20-22nd February 2023

In the framework of ReDiCo Implementation and following the recommendation of the online of 15.02.2023, a three-day workshop was organized. Participants for this workshop are project staff including coordinators, M&E officers, focal persons, and IT as well as five selected teachers from PIASS and ULPGL. The purpose of the workshop was to reflect on administrative and technical strategies to boost the timely implementation of the project. The following are the results of the workshop:

Administrative side

-          The annual action plan (December 2022-November 2023) and related chronograms are revised and harmonized.

-          Institutional and individual-related plans (Trimestral, monthly, weekly) are to be operationalized by concerned staff.

-          Strategies for facilitating the baseline study are delineated and roles are transparently shared in collaboration with the consultant,

-          The website of ReDiCo is reshaped and reorganized (in terms of content). Strategies for regularly updating the website as part of reporting and marketing the project are put in place.

Technical side

-          Empirical data collected are (interviews transcripts, summaries of interviews, curriculum analysis, data from questionnaires of teachers, ) are posted to the platform.

-          Quantitative data (descriptives and inferential) are synthetised.

-          Major findings are summarized.

-          The tentative title of scientific article and initial chapters of the of the handbook are identified and strategies for documentation are put in places (authors, timelines, …)

-           The initial ideas of the conceptualisation of teacher training at different levels (nursery, primary, secondary and university) are identified and outlined. (Topics for teacher training and strategies to develop them are identified.              

Ways forward: Finalisation 

-          The increase in the sample for online questionnaires

-          Analysis of quantitative data

-          Summaries of interviews

-          Reporting for each of the schools or institution visited

-          Summary of results

-          Competences and related topics for teacher training at different levels: Nursery, primary secondary, and university.

See detailed report with outputs and perspectives   (add some photos)