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Exploration, Documentation And Conceptualisation: Online Workshop On Data Analysis

The purpose of the workshop was to share the summaries of empirical and conceptual results from curricula analysis, existing platforms, and questionnaires administered questionnaires to teachers. Three groups presented the findings. (1) Choice and choice-making of platforms for teaching and learning. The group presented the criteria used to analyze the existing platforms (see attachment) and explain the reasons Moodle was chosen for this platform (see attachment). Questions and suggestions for enriching the task were issued for deepening and documenting the analysis (see the report. (2) The team presented the results of curriculum analysis in light of digital competencies for students (see table) at different levels. For further analysis and documentation especially writing either a scientific article or handbook, it was recommended to indicate sources (curriculum and pages, citations) to back the analysis.  (3) With regard to the analysis of teachers’ readiness & and experiences with digitalization, the presentation was based on existing data collected via an online questionnaire (see questionnaire). It was recommended to re-administer the sample. The latter was found very small (see the table).

                               Output and ways forward

                               - Reports of the insights of results from different analysis

                               - Recommendations for further deep analysis

                               - Improve the works by including recommendations from the discussions and preparations for subsequent presentations during the upcoming offline workshop

                               - Groups were recommended to summarize results for each analysis (curriculum, quantitative data, interviews analysis (see reporting), implications for teacher training at different levels of education (Nursery, primary, secondary and university)